Where do pests live in your home?

Many of us struggle with pests in our home at some point in our lives, but it can be hard to know what to look for and more importantly where to look for them. Many pests prefer to live in dark, warm and humid environments. Keep reading to learn where the most common types of pests might be living in your home.

Cockroach on pavement
Cockroach on pavement


Cockroaches like dark, moist, warm spots. As they are scavengers you will often find cockroaches in the kitchen, dining room or near bins. Their ideal territory includes under sinks, in and around bins, kitchen or bathroom cupboards, in and around drains, even in your walls. If you have leaky pipes under your kitchen or bathroom sinks, this is a spot that is highly likely to attract cockroaches. If you’re in need of pest control in Hervey Bay or Maryborough contact Ivey’s Carpet Cleaning and Pest today for a free quote.


Bedbugs, as the name suggests tend to inhabit beds. Bedbugs aren’t just restricted to beds though, they are also commonly found on and around couches and chairs and can also be found in carpets. As bedbugs are so small and are generally nocturnal, they can be difficult to find until you have a whole infestation.


Fleas generally find their way into your house on pets (and sometimes even on people or second hand furniture). In addition to being found on your pets, fleas will also lurk in carpets on furniture and in beds. The best way to prevent a flea problem is to keep on top of your pets flea treatments and don’t let your pets on furniture or your bed.

Ant lifting a piece of bark
Ant lifting a piece of bark


Ants are a major problem in most households. Depending on the species most ants are attracted to sweet food scraps such as spilt honey or dropped biscuit crumbs. Ants generally live in areas near food sources so are commonly found in the kitchen, under sink, in the cupboards or around bins.  Ants can also be a problem outside, particularly near bins or outdoor eating areas.


Where spiders generally live in your home depends a lot on the species. Many spiders will lurk under sinks, in cupboards and under furniture such as under the sofa. While having the occasional spider in your home (especially the harmless ones) is a good thing because it means they’re eating the other pests, spiders can quickly become out of hand. Ivey’s Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control has all your Hervey Bay and Maryborough pest control needs sorted. Give us a call today on 0428 420 667 or fill out our quote request form.


Rodents can quickly become a major problem in your house. This is not only due to their destructive nature, but the way they can hide in walls and other places that are hard to see. A rodent’s favourite place to live include in walls, cupboards, in garages and around bins and in basements and attics.



Termites feed on the cellulose found in wood. They are most commonly found in walls, furniture and house stumps/structural materials. Signs of termites include cracked, flaking paint, hollow sounding walls and swarms of ant like insects flying around. If you have a termite problem it’s important to get on top of it as soon as possible as termites can cause major structural damage to your home or furniture. If you’re in need of a termite inspection or treatment in Hervey Bay or Maryborough contact Ivey’s Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control today on 0428 420 667.


Silverfish are most likely to be found in basements, attics and kitchen or bathroom cupboards. Like many other pests, they prefer dark humid areas so it’s a good idea to survey these areas frequently. Silverfish are very tough creatures and can withstand high temperatures and uncomfortable conditions.

Calliphoridae fly seen from the side in sunlight


Flies are probably one of the most common household pests. They are often found in areas where food is prepared or stored. These areas include around bins, both inside and outside, and in kitchen or dining spaces. Flies love to lay their eggs in and around household bins or compost bins as they know their offspring will have access to food once hatched. The best method to prevent a fly infestation is to simply keep these areas clean, take out your bin frequently and have a well-sealed bin.


We know that many households are often not just wanting to get rid of one pest but sometimes multiple, so we offer discounted rates if two or more services are combined. For all your pest control needs in the Hervey Bay or Maryborough area contact us today via phone on 0428 420 667 or fill out our quote request form on the website.