Carpet Cleaning Services in Maryborough

Ivey’s Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control, servicing the Fraser Coast region, offer clients the highest level of care and attention. We use a range of specialist cleaning products and equipment to make sure your carpets are cleaned thoroughly, leaving them looking as good as new, or even better! For more information about our carpet cleaning services in Maryborough, contact us today on 0428 420 667 or fill in our quote form.

Why Do I Need Professional Carpet Cleaners?

There are many benefits of having your carpet cleaned professionally. You can achieve more consistent results, as we have access to more powerful equipment. Also, your job will likely be done faster, which means you can get back to using your carpet sooner. Finally, professionals are trained in carpet care and can advise you on how to better maintain your carpets at home. These reasons make hiring a pro essential if you want better-looking carpets that last longer. Here at Ivey’s Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control, we use steam cleaning to ensure the best results for your carpets. 

What Is Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning is a hot-water carpet cleaning method, which uses high-temperature water to sanitize and deodorize carpets. According to research by The Carpet and Rug Institute, steam cleaning is significantly more effective than other cleaning methods (such as dry extraction or shampoo) at removing dirt and bacteria. If you’re thinking about getting your carpets cleaned, consider calling up your local Maryborough carpet cleaner for a quote on steam cleaning. You may be pleasantly surprised by how affordable it is! 

How Much Does It Cost To Steam Clean Carpets?

Your first question might be how much does it cost to steam clean carpets. There are so many variables involved in answering that question, but for most carpet cleaning services, you can generally expect to pay anywhere from $0.30-$0.45 per square foot for professional steam cleaning services for basic areas like bedrooms, hallways, and living rooms. At Ivey’s Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control, we offer you a FREE quote for our services. 

How Often Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned?

It’s always a good idea to ask your carpet cleaner how often you should have your carpets cleaned. The correct answer will depend on many factors, including how much foot traffic there is at your home, what type of carpet you have, and if you have pets. If your carpets are getting dirty with regularity—even if it is just foot traffic—it’s time to get them professionally cleaned. We recommend getting your carpets cleaned every 12 – 18 months. 

Ivey’s Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control offer full-service carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, pest control, termite inspections and treatment, pool fence inspections, and building & pest inspections throughout the entire Fraser Coast region including Maryborough, Hervey Bay, Tiaro and surrounds. We are locally owned and operated so you know your money is staying within our community. For more information or to book your next carpet cleaning service contact us today on 0428 420 667 or fill out our quote form here.